Rebkong, Amdo Tibet Labrang, Amdo Tibet Bora, Amdo Tibet
Ngaba, Amdo Tibet Lanzhou, Gansu China Lhasa, Utsang Tibet

An Archive Dedicated to the Historic Tibetan Uprising of March 2008.

Uprising Archive is committed to preserving and making available high quality photos, videos, audio, and documents from the Tibetan uprising.

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Machu, Amdo Tibet Beijing China Golog, Amdo Tibet Tsigorthang, Amdo Tibet
Bharkham, Amdo Tibet Lhagang, Kham Tibet Sertha, Kham Tibet Dartsedo, Kham, Tibet Tongkhor, Kardze, Kham, Tibet Ragya, Amdo Tibet Drango, Kham Tibet Dechen, Kham Tibet
Tibet Protests 2008 Map Tibet Protests 2009 Map

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